Friday, May 25, 2012

Welcome to planetbegonia! I am a small hobby grower of exotic begonias, gesneriads, orchids and other exotic tropicals here in Tampa Bay, Florida - New Port Richey. 

In my backyard, I have shadehouses chock full of beautiful begonias for sale, year round. They range from 4" starter plants all the way to one gallon, two gallon and specimen plants. There are angelwings, canes, rhizomatous, heat tolerant rexes, hanging baskets, landscape types. Gesneriads include Nematanthus (guppy flowers), Columneas (goldfish), Chiritas, Aeschyanthus (lipsticks). Tropicals include Alocasia, Jatropha, Orchids, Hoya, Plumeria (including the rare variegated), and more.

While I am a middle school teacher by day, my customers are always welcome by appointment - to make sure I am here! The best times are evenings and weekend mornings. Located just less than an hour NW of Tampa on the Gulf Coast, my coastal city of New Port Richey is a bustling town that just stays warm enough in winter to allow beautiful growing. Feel free to email me at for an appointment, or call 727-841-9618.

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  1. Please tell me about your shade houses. How warm does it stay? Do you have to run heaters or raise the humidity? I live in Birmingham, AL. I am not sure how different our conditions are. I adore begonias.